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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madge on Oprah

Madonna is hitting the headlines across the globe today as she appeared last night by satellite from London on Oprah Winfrey's US chat show to talk about her planned adoption of 13-month-old Malawian boy, David.
We are so happy that she did this as this interview certainly cleared up some questions we've been having.
She said to Oprah:
My husband and I decided we wanted to adopt a child two years ago and because I had done Live 8 with Bob Geldof two an a half years ago, that made me turn my focus on Africa in a more specific way and educate myself about the statistics, that got the balls rolling just focusing on Africa, then I decided I wanted to adopt but wasn't sure where, what country. The whole idea for raising Malawi the foundation, that I started, came up December of last year. Still I wasn't thinking of adopting a child from Africa. I wanted to open up my home and give a child the opportunities and give life to a child who otherwise might not have one.

You go girl!

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