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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Latest Mug in Hollywood

WEIGHTLESS WONDER Nicole Richie is the latest mugshot to be added to the hollywood collection along with other high profile mugs such as Downey Jnr and Hugh Grant. Check out all ther other mugs here Other Hollywood Mugs
Richie was arrested for driving under the influence just months after NBFF Paris Hilton was also charged for a similar crime. The 25-year-old was released just after 07:00 after posting $15 000 bail for the misdemeanour, according to the sheriff's department. The most concerning news to come from latest misdemeanour in celebland is perhaps not the news that someone who should know better was:

A) Driving the wrong way down a freeway
B) On Vicodin
C) Also on marijuana

But the fact that cops weighed her in at a teensy 85lb, which is 8 and a half of these .. scary!

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