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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Girl Power

Circus Beckham arrived in Los Angeles this weekend. I'm sure no one missed the fact that David will join L.A Galaxy and get a massive pay rise. Victoria strutted her skinny strutter at LAX over the weekend and made sure that her boobs looked a lot bigger and her waist a lot smaller. How the hell does she do that?
Can Tom be certain that The Church of Shit-antology have 5 new member is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile Vicky's former band mate Geri strutted her curiver self at Cuckoo Club with some friends.

For us who liked them best when they were singing out of tune and wearing weird clothes here's a blast from the bast below.
It's their weirdest moment yet as Spice Girls feat. Pavarotti with Viva Forever.
Could Victoria BE more out of tune? Could Pavarotti BE more sweaty?

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