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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Paula Abdul: Woman of the year?

"American Idol" judge Paula Abdul, in Las Vegas with her co-judges, was named woman of the year by the Nevada Ballet Theater. We are at loss for words. Surely there could be someone a bit more fun to give the award to?
During her acceptance speech she tried a little humor on for size, poking fun at her odd pre-"Idol" interview with a Seattle TV station earlier in January. She warned about giving a swivel chair to someone who is hyperactive because, she said, "I will spin and spin and spin."

Her partners in crime, Randy Johnson and Simon Cowell and "Idol" host Ryan Secrest didn't escape Paula's speech either.

"These three brothers are the best thing a girl can hope for," she said.
"Just ask my therapist."

Pauls, you should sort yourself out!!

Flashback below!

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