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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole in law suit. Surprised?

The train wreck that is Anna Nicole Smith and the diet pill company she endorses were named in a suit filed in Los Angeles, alleging false and misleading marketing it was known yesterday.
In addition to unspecified damages, the three plaintiffs in the class-action suit seek an injunction that would prevent Smith and TrimSpa from claiming that TrimSpa's product "causes rapid and substantial weight loss."
In the lawsuit filed three women accused Smith and TrimSpa Inc. of using deceptive business practices to sell the weight-loss supplement, and of violating California's unfair competition law.
The women claim they were injured, although the suit did not outline the nature of the alleged injuries.
"The defendants have created an elaborate scheme to cheat consumers" with their false and misleading advertising, the complaint states.

I guess Anna Nicole is starting to get used to all of this legal trouble!
Maybe she should hire a new lawyer for starters?

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