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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another day another picture...

The Beckham move to Los Angeles is said to help the paparazzi industry keep going.
And judging by these pictures it could very well be the case.
Skeletor and her sons Romeo and Brooklyn did the tourist thing and made a stop at Disneyland in Anaheim.
Skeletor, her kids and her large entourage went on rides and ate some cotton candy with about 40 paparazzi in tow...
Doesn't she ever feel like she would like to just be alone with her family?


Anonymous said...

Well how about you just left them alone then?
You guys have no respect that you actually made little Romeo proud does that make you feel i would love to know?...disgracful.

Anonymous said...

Thats not fair to say at all.
Posh has made her life in to an open photo call.
She want's to be seen. Why on earth would she move to L.A if she didn't want her picture taken??

Anonymous said...

So she cant moe to LA no incase she gets her pic taken???? im not saying that what im saying is they need to have some dam respect when around children, you think its fair that they actually made a 4 year old cry? its been confirmed that Romeo actually got hit with a camera in his any job really worht making an innocent child upset?
Take pics of her all they like but when shes around her children they need to back of, especially when they know he has eppilepsy and flashes and stress can trigger seizuers.