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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Britney in NYC

Girl sure likes to party. Despite giving birth to her second son less than six months ago Britney ditched her bodyguards the other night and rolled up solo to Tenjune with a squad of her girlfriends the New York Post reports.
The hard-partying pop tart hit the club in the wee hours of yesterday morning, toting a CD full of songs from her unreleased album. "She asked DJ Berrie to play her album," said an insider, "and he put on four of her songs." Right before Spears showed up, Adam Sandler went in, ordered 10 pizzas and tipped the busboy who fetched them $200.

Although we're worried that she parties too hard it's a good sign to hear that she's into her music.
Brit Brit needs a new hit soon!

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