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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Britney: Queen of Chavs, Pure White Trash

The fact that Britney is a speeding train wreck is starting to grow a bit old.
But the NY Post article about her antics during the fashion week made us all wet!

I quote:

"After she was a no-show at the chaotic Heatherette show (supposedly because she was "really scared" by the press), Spears and friends had dinner at touristy Rue 57. She next headed to Marquee, where sources said she was dancing with her girlfriends and "demanded all alcohol be kept far away from her."
But other witnesses weren't buying that. "She must have been drinking secretly in the bathroom," said one. "Because she was falling all over the place. She was also chomping on lollipops from the bathroom all night. And she didn't leave any money for the bathroom attendant."
Spears' wild night continued at club Tenjune, where she was seen arriving at 2:30 a.m. with a group of friends. "Britney was completely hammered," said a witness."

We loves it!!
Read it here!

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