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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Isaac spills the beans on Britney

Isaac Cohen who breifly dated Britney has told News of the World about Britney's demons, published today.
In the interview he tells that Britney is close to breaking point and desperately trying to conquer her inner torment with marathon sex sessions.
In the interview Isaac tells how her life is in tatters and that she is struggling with day to day stuff.
He says:
"She loves sex and is incredibly adventurous. She was totally happy when we were locked in each other's arms. But once the sex stopped Britney was like a little girl lost, unable to cope.
"She would lie like a limp rag doll in my arms and and say, ‘Why can't everyone leave me alone?' and, ‘What have I done to deserve this?'"
And so last week, in an emotional phone call, the couple put an end to their six-week romance.

We say Brit Brit needs to take a time out with men and focus on her new album and her two boys.

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