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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kate Winslet might sue magazine

Kate Winslet is so cool!
She plans to sue a weekly magazine that claims she visited a clinic in California for weight issues.
The magazine Grazia said she went to the Chinese Healing Institution in Santa Monica for help with neck pain and to lose weight.
"I'm very upset; it's categorically untrue," the 32-year-old Winslet told BBC's Radio 1, "It's a complete lie."
Sarah Keene, Kate's agent, said the actress met a doctor "several years ago" on a separate matter.
"She's fine and she's happy with the way she looks," Keene said.
Kate, nominated for an Academy Award this year for her role in the movie "Little Children," recently criticized the fashion industry's preoccupation with being rake thin.

We salute her for standing up to the Size Zero trend and for putting the truth about herself first.

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