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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pitt is M.I.A

Eyebrows were raised when Angelina Jolie's man was a no-show at Hollywood's four-hour backslap to itself - even though he starred in one Best Picture nominee, "Babel," and was one of the producers of Best Picture winner "The Departed."
There's no mystery about it, his assistant, Cindy Guagenti, insisted. "He was filming in New Orleans," she said, adding, "He wasn't nominated for anything."
Maybe so, but that didn't stop Cate Blanchett, who co-stars with Pitt in the upcoming F. Scott Fitzgerald fantasy "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - about a man who ages backward - from taking time off to attend. Some observers note the last time Pitt was nominated was more than a decade ago for Best Supporting Actor in "Twelve Monkeys," a prize he didn't win. Oscar has been kinder to Blanchett, who was nominated for "Notes on a Scandal" and won for "The Aviator" a few years back.

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