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Friday, March 23, 2007

Amy's made history!

Amy Winehouse made history this week when her album 'Back to black' debuted at #7 on the Billboard chart. The highest entry by a female artist ever! Congrats!
Amy was pictures backstage at the legendary Roxy in West Hollywood for the first meeting between Amy and the legendary rocker Courtney Love. The two hugged, and exchanged numbers, and Courtney told Amy she loved her music. Amy sported some curious scratches on her left arm. This is not the first time Amy's arm is seen abraded and raw, sparking rumours that the Brit Awards winner is self-arming. Cisco Adler, who recently split with Mischa Barton, was flirting with Winehouse and trying to get her phone number too. Jeez...

Picture from our wicked friends at CELEBRITY BABYLON

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Big Pictures: You forgot to credit Celebirty Babylon for the Courtney Love/Winehouse pix at the Roxy!!

    Big Pictures Blog said...

    Is that the lovely Kelly @ Celebrity Babylon??