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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We ♥ Aisleyne's looks!

Aisleyne is no stranger to the London night life.
But we wanna know this:
Which Aisleyne look do you think is the hottest?


Anonymous said...

I like the top photo with the zebra-style print outfit the best. However, the outfit underneath is probably the hottest!

ofni said...

Depends what you mean by "hottest". Aisleyne is ALWAYS hot! So for each "look":-

1. Hot as in "best dressed"
2. Hot as in "sassy sexpot"
3. Hot as in "slinky leopardskin"
4. Hot as in "Rock Chick with Attitude"
5. Hot for bold fashion

My favourite? No 1 for me.

Anonymous said...

Number #1 without a doubt! She's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

What a mess!!! Rude, scummy, trash!
Fingers up to her!

FAKER #153 said...

I like all of the looks but I prefer 1, 3 and 4 with number 3 probably just edging it. The Leopard skin dress really suits her.

Anonymous said...

4 is very good. 5 is probably my least favourite, but ofni's right: Aisleyne always looks good.

Anonymous said...

Faker 11 here reporting for duty. I plump firmly for No 1 - sexy and stylish enough to her noticed big time and showing off some of her best assets . . her figure and her legs. I don't know why but Ash looks a lot more confident and comfortable in that outfit, and a lot happier. Maybe this contributes to the overall effect as well

bengos said...

I like Aisleyne's more subtle daytime looks (hyde park, polo). She has such a freshness that looks better in lighter colours and sunshine in my opinion. xx