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Saturday, March 03, 2007

We ♥ Aisleyne

Our snappers caught the lovely Aisleyne last night leaving the Wardour Club on Wardour Street and treated the photographers to a little dance, after her friend, who was supposed to be taking her home couldnt find his car keys and she got a ride with one of the photographers.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love Aisleyne :)

Becki said...

Yay, Aisleyne.
She looks beautiful, and it looks like shes having a good time!
We love Aisleyne! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Aisleyne is great! I always buy the papers when she's in them.

Richard madeley said...

Aisleyne looks drop dead gorgeous. She also looks like she enjoyed herself.

Anonymous said...

She looks good, she definitely is not a "dirty ugly minger"

Sophie said...

aisleyne looks gorgeouse as always:):)

shes dead pretty i wish i had her figure and looks..
i hope she had a gooood time:)
lv ya aisleyne:) xxxx
lv sophie xxxx

Anonymous said...

It makes me want to weep seeing her like this. Aisleyne don't you know you are worth so much more than this. Seems like the years of rejection and abuse have taken it's toll. You are desprecting yourself others desprect you and think they have a right to abuse you. Those who praise you for this sort of thing are not helping you either IMO.
If this is the price of fame forget it IMO. I hope you find salvation