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Sunday, June 24, 2007

All Mudded Up

A selection of our fav celebs getting mudded up in true Glastonbury style. Kate and Pete looked a little unprepared for the mud fest (someone told Kate to bring boots, so she did, err wrong boots love!) Lily Allen looked the part, is that Lily or is that a farm labourer?. Aisleyne just looked glad to have got in despite her D list status.Only kidding Ash , she looked great.


ofni said...

Aisleyne D-list?

Only if you mean delightful, delectable, and delicious!

Viva che!

Anonymous said...

Aisleyne, Lily, Kate and Pete all managing to look good there, despite all the mud. How come there's no mud on Aisleyne's legs!

Anonymous said...

Aisleyne looks SO sexy in wellies!

Anonymous said...

that girl can mix with the a-list...which must bring her up to at least b..she looks fab!!

Bengos said...

Not many people can look sexy and beautiful in green wellies and camo, but Aisleyne is one of them!