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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alli Sims - the popstar?

Britney's cousin Alli Sims has been attached to her for the past 6 months.
Now she's trying her wings as a popstar?? Oh my GOD!
Just becasue she's been holding Britney's kids and Starbucks doesn't mean she can sing!
And what's up with that picture? With all the air brushing, maybe not highlight how big her nose is!?

Alli's website


Anonymous said...

She can sing much better than Britney and the world will know soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Alli does have an amazing voice, and to top it off she really is a wonderful person! Not my favorite picture of her but she is a beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

Alli is a cute girl who has let it go to her head because she was with Britney every waking minute for the past six months. She fits into Hollywood well as she is as fake as they come!

Anonymous said...

did u hear the same voice as i did, the girl sings terribly. I can not see any future for this girl..