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Friday, August 10, 2007

Lily's sick note

Hello everybody ,
Ive have literally been around the whole world in two weeks from London to Japan around Australia and then to LA and Vegas then back to LA for a 17 hour video shoot , and now I'm back in London eating my mums chicken soup cause im afraid the travelling has caught up with me . I've got sinusitis and strep throat ( i don't even know what that is ) and have been advised to take a couple of weeks off by a doctor in LA and a doctor here .Before anyone starts trying to accuse me of neglecting my fans I want to apologise and say how sorry I am , but I cant risk causing any permanent damage . I hope people can understand and arent too angry .

The cancelled gigs are as follows

Oya Festival - Norway
Way Out West Festival - Gothenburg -Sweden
Sagres - Portugal
Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen -Holland

I should be better by V festival so once again I'm sorry and I'll see you at V



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sinusitis and strep throat my ass! Her doc has written she has PHARYNGITIS - fancy name for a SORE THROAT! Wimp!