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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nicole Kidman in Grazia

We're on the cover of this weeks Grazia magazine due to the fact that Nicole's husband Keith Urban has checked into rehab just 4 months after their wedding in Sydney. The country singer has a history of alcohol and drug problems known to the media and he said in a statement that he has "let one’s guard down on recovery” and apologised for the “hurt” it has caused Nicole.
We wish them all the best!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Posh to the Spice very nice

A normal VB day is seen arriving somewhere in style such as today at Radio One in London where she to appeared on the Jo Whiley show to promote her new style bible book. Vicky will spend a couple of days here promoting her project and tonight you should head to Selfridge's where she will sign copies of her book and pout some for the cameras.
Some vintage VB seen here below!

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Sugababes: The EASY life

Heidi, Keisha and Amelle looked relaxed and happy when they attended the after party following their concert at Dominion Theatre, at 1 Leicester Square in London. They are set to release their singles collection this week and their new single 'Easy' is an amazing track sure to set the charts on fiaaahhh! Watch it here!

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Celebrity Mom

This pictures is so nice! It's great to see a Hollywood A Lister without any minders / PA's / nannies etc. Reese was snapped with her daughter Ava picking up some dry cleaning and having an afternoon snack.

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Blimey! Looks like Katie Holmes has been spending to much time with Posh Spice. She was snapped looking gaunt and skeletal over the weekend. Could she be on a crash diet for the upcoming wedding to her boyfriend Tom?
We are also wondering why a healthy (?) and loaded girl in her late 20's seems to have such a boring life. Instead of football with Tom she should be out with Lindsay having fun and dancing on tables.

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Kim in cold Sweden

80's hottie Kim Wilde performed live in Stockholm over the weekend to get some media attention to her new album. Looks like she can't stand to be a celebrity gardener too long in one go. She told Swedish press that it's easy to grow old gracefully. Hmm. We are not so sure about that honey! if you were growing old with grace WHY on earth have you recorded a guitar version of your synth pop classic 'You Came'? It makes our hearts and ears bleed.

Watch the new German version of 'You Came' here.

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Pammy Spammy

Pamela Anderson looked a little worse for wear when she went shopping at Gucci in Vancouver.
Pamela was in town filming the comedy spoof 'Blonde and Blonder' co-starring actress and husband snatcher Denise Richards.
Didn't someone have the guts to tell Pammy she looks like a **** in those extensions?

Houston: We have takeoff!

A radiant Whitney Houston made an appearance at the 17th Carousel Of Hope Ball held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel over the weekend. She did not speak to any press but was all smiles. Looks like Whitney has been working hard erasing all the bad memories as Mrs Brown and looks all set to launch her big comeback. It's been reported that she is seeking full custody of lil' Bobbi Kristina. Production of the comeback album is scheduled to start in Mid-November according to the divorce proceeding schedules.
The comeback album is said to have production/collaborations by some of the biggest names in music such as Timbaland and Scott Storch.

See the hilarious outtake from last year where she tells Bobby to kiss her ass and celebrate that Whitney finally has come to her senses.

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Livin' la vida dogpoo

Cheesy pop crooner Ricky Martin avoiding stepping in some dog poo that he spots whilst performing on stage in the Amor la Musica show in Miami, Florida. Oh wait... no he's just dancing. sorry!

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Paris finally realises

...that she looks better with a dog blanket on her head. At last!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Kate's Mess

Walking headline Petey Doherty was seen outside the Kate Mess estate looking like this earlier today. Pete sure has had an intensive week from looking for rings in Italy with Kate to fighting with the paparazzi to attending the Moet party with a massive bump on his head. We are surprised that he seems so relaxed as we are sure that most people would just sleep in late after a week like that!

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Good Golly Miss Dolly!

Everyone's favourite faux tranny attended the CMT Giants: a tribute to country music star Reba McEntire last night. Could she look more fun? No! Do we love her? Yes!

Check list:

Acrylic Wig
Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Shoes
Plastic skirt
Plastic vest
Heart of gold


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Thank God for those shoes pt 2.

Yes indeed, thank God for those shoes!
We love this picture! Could that lady look more surprised?
What could she be thinking?

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Thank god for those shoes!

Mr JT is spotted by our snappers leaving BBC Radio 1 studios early this morning after an interview on air. He must be pretty chufffed with his new tour announcements and his top 10 hit SexyBack, but you wouldn't know it here. He looks really uninterested and bored with blank expression and dull attire. Thank god for those colourful shoes to brighten it all up eh!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madge on Oprah

Madonna is hitting the headlines across the globe today as she appeared last night by satellite from London on Oprah Winfrey's US chat show to talk about her planned adoption of 13-month-old Malawian boy, David.
We are so happy that she did this as this interview certainly cleared up some questions we've been having.
She said to Oprah:
My husband and I decided we wanted to adopt a child two years ago and because I had done Live 8 with Bob Geldof two an a half years ago, that made me turn my focus on Africa in a more specific way and educate myself about the statistics, that got the balls rolling just focusing on Africa, then I decided I wanted to adopt but wasn't sure where, what country. The whole idea for raising Malawi the foundation, that I started, came up December of last year. Still I wasn't thinking of adopting a child from Africa. I wanted to open up my home and give a child the opportunities and give life to a child who otherwise might not have one.

You go girl!

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Liz and Arun in Milan

A mumsy looking Elizabeth Hurley and her husband to be Arun Nayar were pictured leaving their hotel to attend a breast cancer awareness campaign event in Milan last night. Rumours are that the happy couple are to wed soon and are working on a lavish £2 million wedding deal with a magazine. Looking forward to those pics! Is it just us or is that look a bit too stern for our liking by the way?

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Fame is surely an addictive thing. You get massive attention and free stuff and get to attend really cool parties.
La Lohan was pictured like this yesterday. Now you might think that she was at a release party for a new Coke thing. Oh no, she just stepped out of her hairdresser on a normal night.
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Carmen's Master Card

Carmen Electra attended her launch party to announce the Carmen Electra PrePaid MasterCard and the Carmen Electra Gift MasterCard at Red Pearl Kitchen, Los Angeles last night. One questions remains though. Who wants a Carmen Electra credit card? Seems a bit pervy to us.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Daily Madonna

The Queen of Poop, who will appear on the Oprah Winfrey show TODAY to defend her adoption of 13-month-old Malawian boy David, was snapped earlier today going to the gym for her daily work-out. We can't wait to see the interview!
We are just wondering why she made such as fuss with the adoption in the first place. Surely it would have been easier on her if she had not made the whole trip to Malawi into a media circus? We love her but we are just stunned at what she has done. After all it will take more than a pop star to help the people in Malawi. And there is a baby involved as well. It would have been much easier if she had gone to take care of the adoption and THEN returned there on an official visit to open her orphanage.
Gotta love her many track suits though.
Please levae your comments.

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The Masked Avengers

From loved up ehm couple with a possible baby on the way to beating up photographers to attending the Moet & Chandon Fashion Tribute 2006 last night. Kate n' Pete sure do look happy together. But seriously something is wrong wrong wrong when even the likes of Jordan and Calum Best seem like a more wholesome choice to aspire to. Has Pete never heard of having an image and not actually living like a rock star? The saga continues...

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I'm not even going to mention what people usually mention about Ms Richie. You can see for yourself.
But has she got a new boyfriend? We want to know!
Nicole was spotted out with this new guy walking hand and hand in L.A yesterday.

Perhaps they were on their way to buy him some shoelaces?
Looks like the fella could need some.

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Beyonce Down Under

A happy looking Beyonce Knowles took the ferry yesterday to visit Taronga Zoo in Sydney. She is accompanied by friends including partner Jay Z's little brother. Boyfriend Jay Z left the hotel earlier in the day headed for the recording studio. Beyonce who recently received a letter of concern from PETA regarding the actions made to baby alligators having their mouths taped shut in a photo shoot where she posed with them was maybe looking for some other animals to use for fashion? No wonder Beyonce is smiling. Even though her new ablum B'Day basically is quite bad it still hasn't stopped it from selling 1,560,00 in less than 2 months.

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Less Ass Please

Girlfriends, you need to sort out that mess you call style!
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted on 2 different occasions looking like this. Even though we are experienced in the field of celeb spotting it is hard to figure out which one is which out of the twins. But then again, does anyone care? Two frail twins in waaay to big shoes. No, thought so.
One thing to remember as well is that if you have wonky legs it's probably not a very good idea to step out wearing tights with nothing covering your ass.

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Pictures by: Blair Hanson and

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wonderful Mess

Pete Doherty and his band Babyshambles performed last night in Florence, Italy. Kate is here pictured backstage looking happy and relaxed whilst watching her fella perform. After a while she joined the band and performed 'La Belle et la Bête' to a roaring audience.
Good to see Kate n Pete looking happy together after all that they have been through!

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Big Brother Beauty on a Bender

Big Brother's Aisleyne was dressed to thrill (ahem chill) arriving at the Celebrity Love Island Wrap party held at Embassy club in London last night.
The BB hottie is rumoured to have just finished a big photo shoot for a secret deal that will blow everyone away. Nice.

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Vackra Svenska Flicka

Model and general Swedish hottie Victoria Silvstedt sported a new haircut whilst in Stockholm to appear on the TV-show "Förkväll". After months of sex scandals and adultery rumours, she revealed last night that she and her husband, Chris Wragge, are thinking about divorcing, and admitted that, at the moment, they are taking a "time out". Here she is pictured with Swedish Big Brother winner and Playboy model turned TV hostess Carolina Gynning.

Watch this hilarious parody of her from Swedish TV.

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Maneater or Man Eater?

Nelly Furtado made a big comeback this year with her Number 1 smash 'Maneater' and her Number 1 album 'Loose'. Looks like the songstress have been piling on the pounds a bit. Nelly was pictured leaving a studio after a photo shoot in Mexico City looking great as usual and it's nice to see a popular and sexy celebrity on top of her career and not super skinny or looking emaciated.
We love ya you promiscuous girl!

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Actress and "singer" Jessica Simpson had lunch at Chinese Cuisine with a friend yesterday looking a little sad and dressed downbeat. Why the glum face love? Could it be that her latest album released just a couple of weeks ago is sitting at #131 on the Billboard chart and that her latest single, "I Belong to Me" was sent to radio but not yet appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart? Cheer up! We are sure that you can marry someone else soon and get a new TV deal. :)

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Daily Madonna

The strain of the adoption backlash is even more noticeable today. Today the UK press published pictures of her new son's birth father at work in his onion field whilst reports of human rights groups in Malawi preparing legal actions grew even stronger. She did have some time to go for her daily workout though. We never saw this coming! This story gets weirder and weirder!

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Konnichiwa Tokyo!

Walking clothes rack VB held a press conference today to promote the line of jewellery and bags she designed for Samantha Thavasa in Tokyo. Gotta love a woman who can look bored at her own press conference! One question though. Are you really supposed to almost be able to reach around your own waist like that?
Whilst his wife is in Japan promoting her fashion line, loving husband David Beckham enjoyed watching tennis with his best man, David Gardner, at the Masters Series in Madrid. To us it looks a bit like he's been over plucking his brows! And why the angry face? Cheer up, Victoria will be home soon!

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J to the Lo in Spain

Walking brand Jennifer Lopez was papped shopping in Tenerife earlier today.
We are wondering what has happened to her. Since husband Marc got more control over her career she ditched the remake of Dallas and she hasn't been involved in some music for quite some time.
Jennifer is in Europe accompanying her husband Marc Anthony on his European tour. Has anyone over here actually heard his music? Let us know.
Check some vintage J.LO below. Ah, those were the days...

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La Lohan in Paris

Lindsay posed for the cameras during the opening party for Tommy Hilfiger's flagship store in Paris last night. Looks like Lindsay have found some kind of secret to looking like a million bucks in no-time. Remember the picture we posted a couple of days ago? Lindsay looked sooo tired over the weekend in L.A and then just a couple of days later she was in Europe looking great.
Hmm.. Does her stylist Rachel Zoe have something to do with it? Rumours has it that she knows how to cheers her celebrity clients up...

The opening celebration started with a cocktail at the store and was followed by a surprise concert by Lenny Kravitz held at the 'Ecole des Beaux Arts'.

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What the hell has happened to Justin's eyes?
Justin was at the William Rast Spring 2007 "Street Sexy" Fashion Show in L.A looking rough as a dog.
Did he fall asleep under the sunbed with his sunglasses on or did the make-up artist leave him with a half done job?
You would think that a guy who proclaims to bring sexy back in his video would at least try not to look like a dog's dinner in public?
Maybe Cameron knows though. She didn't look very hot either.
Could they be up to something? Hmm...

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Papa Don't Preach

Poor Madonna. After facing a massive backlash to her adoption and having a global media storm Madonna was pictured today on her way to the gym looking tired. Of course. Even if you are the Queen of Pop having a one year old certainly keeps you on your feet making you more the Queen of Poop.
We wish the Richie family all the best though!

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Breaking news (not): Pete Doherty in court!

Walking stick figure Pete Doherty was at the Thames Magistrates' Court in London earlier today. We've lost count how many times he's been pictured walking in to/leaving a court room since been charged with drug possession. Can anyone remember? Good ol' Pete seems to have scrubbed up a bit though. Always something.

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KSI: Knife Scene Investigation

Christmas comes early for some people! According to some sources Faye has had even more surgery. After a recent visit to the plastic surgeon, it looks like Faye Dunaway got her lips done. Ms Dunaway played a character named Lois O'Neill in the sixth season of the popular crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this year and maybe seeing herself on the small screen made her go under the knife once more.

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Cheer up love!

Starlet Kirsten Dunst looked exhausted when she left the set of her new film where she portrays peace activist Marla Ruzicka. Kirsten is perhaps still a bit upset over her break-up with Jake Gyllenhaal and the rumours being that he is now dating Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong.

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Down Under

Musician James Morrison met his New Zealand fans yesterday whilst promoting his album and then attended the 41st New Zealand Music Awards. Looks like his quest for world domination is kicking in big time. Earlier in 2006 James played the V Festival. He was due for one gig only in one of the smaller tents but due to the massive crowd wanting to see him play he had a ten minute set on the main stage before the main act Hard-fi came on stage.

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Pic by: Tim Raethel

Smile like you mean it!

Author Jackie Collins and daughter Tiffany did a rare public apperance together last night at 'The Prestige' World Premiere held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Earlier this year Jackie released her 24th novel, Lovers & Players which became a New York Times bestseller. To date she has sold over 400 million copies of her novels and is translated into 20 languages. Jackie who turns 70 next year certainly can smile all the way to the bank.

Check the classic comedy sketch by French and Saunders based on Joan and Jackie Collins!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The world's latest celebrity

The world held it's breath when David Banda arrived in the UK today from Malawi.
Looks like Brangelina have a heavy rival as David with Rocco and Lourdes will sweep the world off their feet.

Madonna who basically became a mum of three chose to spend a couple of hours in the gym today. The Queen of Pop obviously will not let her new family member slow her down! We think that she should use the gym in her house and spend as much time with her new baby as possible! We can't wait for the first pictures of the new family though.

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