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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mimo in Paris

Mariah Scarey came out of her hotel, the Crillon in Paris, after a rehearsal of her show. The sexy singer will perform in Disneyland for the 'One Mighty Party' event, benefiting the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Scarier out on the town

Scarier Spice, Mel B and boyfriend Stephen Belafonte spent the Fridat at Isis Club in Mayfair and left and little worse for wear at around 5.15 am to go back to their hotel with a cab. We love how Scarier just had a baby!

Pinned girl

Uma Thurman was spotted over the weekend preparing to film in North London wearing hair-clips and looking scruffy!

Michelle @ Cafe Med

Michelle Rodriguez was spotted eating at Cafe Med with her dog Nikko and a couple friends. When they left Michelle seemed happy and even had time to put on a little show for the paparazzi.

Funny girl and greedy woman

Barbra Streisand, who performed at Bercy venue for the first time this week, was the very first celebrity to receive the French Legion of Honour from new president Nicolas Sarkozy. She was accompanied by husband James Brolin, her son Jason Gould and pet dog Samantha. She brought her freekkin' dog to the ceremony??

Surfer Dude

Matthew McConaughey is the perfect surfer dude as he was spotted along the coastline of Malibu in Los Angeles surfing in a scene for his latest film 'Surfer Dude'. It seems to be quite a relaxed atmosphere as extras and crew go surfing between takes, notably Matthew's double is pro surfer Chris Malloy!

OMG, I can't believe it!

Funny men Matt Lucas, David Walliams were spotted with Rob Bryden at Wimbledon watching the tennis championships.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spice Girls Featurette

Spice Up Your Life!

Friendship never ends. Or at least a big pay cheque can bring fremenies back together.
The new Spice Girls world tour will kick off with in Los Angeles in December and will take the girls all over the world with the grand finale in Buenos Aires in January '08.
And there will be a new single as well.
Spice up your life! It's crazy to see the girls back together after almost 10 years with solo ventures.
Can they make it big once more?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Old, Older, Sinead

How old is this lady?
A rough looking Sinead O'Connor signed copies of her new CD 'Theology' at Borders store in New York yesterday.
She needs a makeover stat!

Even pop pixies dress down on holiday!

Pop pixie Kylie Minogue was spooted looking all casual and relaxed as a guest at the House of Gabbana in Portofino, Italy.
We would loooooooove to be there!

Now this is just what they need!

Hard living Pete Doherty and Kate Moss left Kate's London home, carrying a can of coca cola and puffing on a cigarette.
We feel and can almost hear how their bodies are screaming for some San Pellegrino and apples and some additional vitamin tablets!

Desperate in Italy

When we saw these pictures we were breath taken. The scenery. And Nicolette's great figure.
These picture show Desperate Housewives actress Nicolette Sheridan and "singer" Michael Bolton about an hour after they were married at the Villa D'este in Lake Como, Italy. Hot!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Surfer Dudes

Buddy actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were spotted spending their free time together surfing in sunny Hawaii. Looks like Ben needs a few classes from the better surfer Matt!

Beyonce in Nice

After cruising on a yacht between the Riviera and Portofino in Italy, Beyonce sets out again from Nice's airport with her young companion and without her boyfriend Jay-Z....

Cross stone!

Diva in practice Joss stone did what she did best this weekend and wowed crowds at the Knowsley music festival.
Any rumors of her dating Prince William were obviously untrue as he is back with the lovley Kate, just as my blog predicted!!
Joss, why the two fingered salute? How rude!

Still In Love!

This shot of them cosied up in the car was taken after a night out celebrating Real Madrid's champion league win.
Posh, as always looks great although more could be said for David! If I were him, I'd start using Victoria's anti ageing cream......
By the look of these pictures, luckily for him she loves him regardless!


Aisleyne looks amazing in this sexy cowboy photoshoot. A very different look from the muddy glastonbury pictures!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

All Mudded Up

A selection of our fav celebs getting mudded up in true Glastonbury style. Kate and Pete looked a little unprepared for the mud fest (someone told Kate to bring boots, so she did, err wrong boots love!) Lily Allen looked the part, is that Lily or is that a farm labourer?. Aisleyne just looked glad to have got in despite her D list status.Only kidding Ash , she looked great.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Orchid male cancer

What a lovley girl. Not only is Jackie Degg gorgeous, but caring too.
Here she is hosting the first ever 'Manshear' event for Orchid male cancer.
This involves brave men being 'sheared' from the waist up. I'm sure aside for the good cause, Jackie being there gave them some extra incentive!!

Britney Simpson!

Am I the only one who thinks Britney is morphing into Jessica Simpson?? Her new diet and exercise regime is obviously paying off she's looking good!!
Meanwhile in Britney land she has been enquiring about getting a restraining order on her mum!! She is furious that mum Lynne sided with 'K-Fed' during the couples custody battle.
In my opinion, anyone who likes him has lost the plot so I'm with Britney on this one!

Pete looks...erm great!

Another day, another picture of Pete looking like THIS!
His rehab diary has revealed he plans to marry twiglet moss in the summer 'smack and needle free'
Judging by this picture you shall not be marrying in the summer then!! Or does he look this bad naturally!??

Thursday, June 21, 2007


What happened to little Miss Sloaney??! Kate is looking seriously stylish lately.
Big aviator shades: Check
Skimpy floral dress: Check
Oversized bag: Check
Maybe she's decided to show Prince William just what he's missing. One look at these pictures he'll be back sooner or later!!

Sunkissed at the ONE sunset book party

Look at this picture and panic Angelina. Not only is she looking gorgeous, but Brad's parents adore her...which I hear is more that can be said for you!
We spotted Brad's mum at Jennifer's malibu pad over the weekend. No doubt hatching a plan on how to get her favourite daughter-in-law back in the Pitt household. Maybe it's just wishful thinking!! Who do you prefer Jennifer or Angelina??