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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lindsay's cuffs

Lindsay Lohan left Parc restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard seen wearing a handcuff necklace and had some handcuffs hanging from the mirror in her car...

Socialite on the loose

Paris Hilton enjoyed a night out with girlfriends at PARC in Hollywood Boulevard last night and looked all glammed up.
Meanwhile her latest bf Josh Henderson had to hobble on his own on his way in.
She's so nice and classy.

She just keeps on giving!

Cameron Diaz left her gym in West Hollywood yesterday and looking happy and waved to the photographers.
We prefer her this way. Keep it up girl!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Not ugly!

Obviously the breakup from Justin has done wonders for Cameron Diaz.
She's been spotted on numerous occasions looking happy and relaxed.
Good on ya.

We love us sum Amy

Amy Winehouse was spotted on a night out at Maddox nightclub in trendy Mayfair before going onto the Hawley Arms pub where she continued drinking and partying until the early hours. While she was at the pub her ex boyfriend turned up and there was an argument between the two, obviously some jealousy about her partying with another guy. Then the young singer left the pub at 5:00 am with the mystery man and the pair then got into a black cab and headed over to her place

Hell to the no!

Shamed "model" Danielle Lloyd enjoyed a night out at Embassy club last night looking hideous in her awful dress.
What the hell was she thinking? Oh, maybe she didn't.

Hell to the yeah!

Halle Berry looked smokin' wearing a Celine dress during a photo shoot at Parvis Du Trocadero in Paris today.


Steel voiced singer Macy Gray walks with only one shoe on in downtown L.A!

Picture from our sexy friends at CELEBRITY BABYLON
  • Thursday, March 29, 2007

    Sweet as candy!

    These pictures are too cute. We almost cried when we saw them.
    Kylie has had an amazing recovery and her comeback is gearing up big time.
    A smiling and happy Kylie in gorgeous Stockholm.
    That made our day.

    Just for the heck of it...

    ...and because we love her.
    Some Aisleyne hotness!

    Inside Paper Club

    Fergie Ferg celebrated her birthday by partying at Paper Club in London with her friends.
    P Diddy and ehm Abi Titmuss amongst others.
    She turned 32, but hmm. Can we be sure about that?

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    Secret visit

    We have snappers everywhere!
    In Sweden they spotted Kylie Minogue on a quick visit to Stockholm to meet music producers Bloodshy and Avant, well known for their collaborations with Madonna, Britney Spears and Sugababes.
    Her new album is gearing up and we can't wait for the sexy midget's new sound!

    JLO and male Skeletor

    Jennifer Lopez and her hubby Marc Anthony celebrated the launch of her new album 'Como Ama Una Mujer' at Spotlight Live in New York lat night. We love Jenny, but her demon husband is trying to steal her light with his glum appearance.
    You need a new husband Jen!

    Scarlett designs

    Scarlett Johansson is the new celebrity designer for the new Reebok collection, the "Scarlett Hearts RBK" collection.
    Is she that sporty really?

    Amy is back where she belongs

    Amy Winohouse was spotted last night on the streets of London with a new guy.
    We are so happy she's back from the US. We need us some Wine!

    The model and the sex tape

    Model and general it girl Sophie Anderton was spotted with friends during a private party in Malta yesterday. Looking all hot and sexy she tore up the dance floor and the some. And didn't seem to concerned about the possible up and coming scandal.
    With recent reports of a videotape of Sophie having sex with her ex-boyfriend Mark Bosnich is being circulated and could end up on the internet any day Sophie's new man Timmy Grech said he will stand by the model and will do his best to help her.

    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Li Lo to the Low Low

    We all know by now that Li Lo likes to party. But does she really have to do it so often? We smell a new stint in rehab soon. How about making a hit movie soon?
    Lindsay Lohan was spotted outside celebrity hot spot Winstons in Hollywood last night.

    Kelly and her fella

    Kelly Osbourne and a new mystery man were spotted at the Hyde club in L.A.
    Kelly is so lucky. She gets to pull cute guys just because she's famous!

    Old Man Dancing

    Old. Man. Dancing. In a wig. Ewww!
    John Travolta attended the photocall for Wild Hogs at the Villa Magna Hotel in Madrid earlier today and looked not hot.
    He looked like an old hog. How fitting.

    Picture Perfect

    Kate Mess and Pete Doperty were seen out and about in London earlier today.
    Don't they look lovely and simply stunning?
    Oh My God, they are they healthiest couple we have ever seen! We are so jealous of them. Those lovely people!
    Healthy. Glowing.

    Konichiwa Bitches

    Ladies and gents!
    You need to pick up Robyn's new album on Monday.
    It is so awesome it's not even funny. Check out the lead single below and buy the single today!
    It could be the best song of the year and Robyn has grown up and matured as one of the coolest girl's around.

    Versace perfume launch

    Don herself strutted her stuff at the launch of her new fragrance simplu called 'Versace'.
    Fresh from her fall at the Elton John bash Don looked like she could do with a new wig. No?

    She said about her perfume:

    I wanted to create a fragrance that embraces you — that is fresh, floral and enticing — and that would become a distinctive mark for the Versace woman who is always sensual and sophisticated, particularly when selecting her perfume. My starting point was to create a classic perfume, an important and timeless scent, to be worn at any time of the day, providing that extra dash of glamour that puts the finishing touch to every outfit."

    Buy a new wig today!