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Friday, August 31, 2007

Britneys New Song, LEAKED!

Britney Spears has recently recorded a new song and unfortuently for Britney but fortunently for you her song has leaked, and we have a copy!!!

Listen to it NOW, I mean NOW!!

Kerry Katona Gets Stuck In At Daughters Birthday Bash

Kerry Katona's daughter has become a massive SIX years old today and Kerry threw her a birthday party and even got her own face painted to get into the birthday spirt, bless her.

Not quite sure what Kerry is meant to be though, any ideas?

Hayden Panettiere Paid Moyles A Visit

The newbie Actress, Hayden Panettiere paid a visit to our good friend Chris Moyles today on Radio 1 on the Breakfast Show.

Hayden, the girl everyone seems to want! laughed and joked along with Moyles and he even gave her a Mug to remember their moment together...

Robbie Williams In LOVE Finally

Robbie Williams and his girlfriend were out in public last night in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

The pair were snuggling up, holding hands and Robbie even caressed her arm at points whilst looking for a movie to watch together when they got back home...

It seems like Robbie has found a lovely match to care for him finally.

Wonder what DVD they rented? Romantic, Comedy or Thriller, you decide. Comment your thoughts.

Paying Tribute To Princess Diana After 10 Years

10 years today, Princess Diana died sadly to mark the occasion her two sons; Prince William and Harry will lead the emoticional service at The Guards Chapel in London.

Many famous faces are due to show up such as Elton John, Cliff Richard, Gordon Brown and even the Queen.

Many people also gatrhered at Kensington Palace to show their respect and pay tribute to the Princess of Wales, 10 years on. Many of the gathers were very emotional and couldn't say a bad word about the Princess.

Prince Harry said that Diana was "The Best Mum In The World" at the memorial ceremonial.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Red Carpet Queen

Many things can be said about Keira Knightley and her personal style. But she sure knows how to work the red carpet. Keira looked amazing and flawless at the Opening Ceremony and the Premiere of Atonement at the 64th Annual Venice Film Festival earlier today.

Owen Wilson

Our thoughts goes out to Owen and his family at this difficult time.
The pain on Luke Wilson's face is saying more than any words could express.

Style Queen

The stunning Kylie Minogue left her home for a pre-arranged doctor's appointment in London yesterday From there, Kylie with her PA, walked a short distance to a charity shop. After browsing the shelves for several minutes, Kylie settled on buying a selection of cards, included one with nuns in dodgems printed on the front. The Aussie singer was all smiles as she kept a low profile. Wearing dark shades and a black scarf, hardly anyone recognised the pop princess as she walked though a crowd of diners at the Bluebird restaurant, where she had lunch. Kylie decided to have one more nose round the shops, before heading back to her London home.

She seems relaxed

Lily Allen chose to pose for a photograph with a large joint in her hand during London's Notting Hill Carnival last week,

Hotter than fire!

Our girl Aisleyne enjoyed spending some time in the heat with a girlfriend in Mediterranean.
Ya, like the Mediterranean needs to get even hotter!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Male hottie number one!

Zac Efron appeared backstage with the Choice Male Hottie Award at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles last night.
Work it!

Tanning Addict

What the hell does Britney do in the tanning shop?
She lives in California for crying out loud!
Our fave out of control person was seen leaving Portofino Salon after tanning once again. The "singer" spent the day with dancers and choreographers, who is helping her prepare her rumoured show for the MTV awards which will be held in Las Vegas on September 9th. Lord give us strength!

Scrummy Beth

Beth Ditto took the stage with The Gossip at Manchester Pride 2007 in Manchester City last night and made the crowd wild for her antics! Beth - we love thee!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Kik in Hollywood

Kirsten Dunst showed a bit of leg and some funky ass shoes as she wet to Neil George Salon and then visited a friends house in West Hollywood. Comments?

Yes, we've seen it a million times but....

....Dita is smokin' hot so who cares!?
Miz Von Teese performed her burlesque show in Senigallia, Italy over the weekend and made some people cum in their pants we are sure!

She scrubs up well!

Ya, this is the same person. The lovely Kerry Katona!
Kerry was seen leaving her house in Wilmslow with her sister and her dress for her surprise Hen night. She got picked up by the Pink Ladies taxi and was taken to her friend Claire's house.
Later a stretched limo pulled up to take the girls to Manchester for the Hen night.
How long do we give this marriage? Six months?

Sarah Harding 4ever!

Sarah Harding had a full on flash on stage at the opening night of the Bryn Terfel Faenol Festival in North Wales over the weekend. Who cares about the other girls or their music when Sarah clearly rocks on her own! We need a solo album from Sarah stat and some FHM pixxxxxx.

Out of the zone?

The pary sure never stops for our fave club girl!
Britney Spears left the hot spot Teddy's in Los Angeles over the weekend looking out of it. And sporting new blonde extensions straight from an internet outlet by the looks of it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

About you now

The lovely babes Keisha Buchanan, Amelle Berrabah and Heidi Range filmed the video for their new single at Festival Hall in Waterloo over the weekend. It'll be amazing to hear their new stuff!

Skeletor and her crew

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took their children Zahara, Pax and Maddox for a trip to Lee's Art Shop in midtown Manhattan bought them toys and gifts and then stopped in Times Square on the way back to their hotel, where Brad bought Maddox a pretzel. How scary is Ange's foot though? Skeletal to say the least!

It's not right, but are they OK??

A pale and scruffy looking Blake Fielder-Civil left his hotel with massive staring eyes and left his wife Amy Winehouse behind as he went to a party with friends. What the hell is going on?

Having a goody time

Jade Goody was seen enjoying her holiday in Spain. Could the mystery man possibly be her new squeeze? Jack who?
Thankfully she has ditched her horrible blonde extensions! Our eyes almost fell out of their sockets last time we saw her.