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Monday, April 30, 2007

Classy Mess

Princess Beatrice pictured leaving the exclusive Boujis night club at around 3.15am on Saturday.
PS. What the hell is she wearing?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Harry Potter's mom spotted in London.

J.K. Rowling and her husband was seen out shopping in the trendy west london area of Sloane Street in Chelsea in London on Saturday. Looking good!

Blast from the past!

Saint Angelina

Angelina Jolie went to Gin Lane on Saturday.
The saint of all saints is attending the Tribeca Film Festival where she is promoting the documentary film she directed 'A Moment In The World'.

Picture by our friends at Flynet Pictures.
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  • Stuck on boobs

    Vicky B arrived in L.A this weekend looking thinner than ever. And her boobs have never looked more stuck on. They actually look like they hurt!

    Picture by our friends at Flynet Pictures.
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  • Blast from the past!

    Friday, April 27, 2007

    Sugar Tits

    Kirsten Dunst at the premiere of the film Spiderman 3 in Stockholm.
    We are speechless. Droooooooool....
    Homer droool.

    Hotness all over!!

    The ghost of Christina Ricci arrived for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of "2 Days in Paris" at the Clearview Chelsea West Cinema in New York. Hot!

    Sexy geriatric down under

    The sexiest woman in rock over 60 arrived in Sydney yesterday to host the MTV Australia Video Music Awards.
    Yes, it's Fergie Fug! Bless her.

    Beckham Jr and Sr

    David Beckham took a walk today with cutie pie Cruz and they two showd off their new haircuts.

    Licky, Licky, icky.

    Ya, we are so sad today we missed the gig with Juliette and the Licks in Porthsmouth.
    We had a colonic irrigation appointment and we decided that was a better way to spend an evening.

    Celeb Heads

    The A List of Hollywood stepped out last night to the US' Hot Hollywood 2007 at Sugar in Hollywood.
    Had they all had way too much coffee before they arrived? Lindsay, I looooove your hair. Where did you buy it?

    My what a fun party...

    Some B list celebs attended the GLAMOUR:OKE Party held at the Embassy Club in London last night.
    My. What. Fun. They looked so 'special'.

    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Great pictures!

    Jude Law was spotted walking through a park with sporty looking son Rafferty earlier today. Great to a smile once in a while from the usually grumpy Jude.

    Sarah looking HOT

    Sarah Harding looked great leaving Lady Victoria Hervey's house in London. Sarah Harding partied the night away with Lady Victoria Hervey at MoVida Nightclub. Sarah then left at nearly 4am, fresh faced and happy whilst drinking water. Good girl!

    Tara Palmer Investor

    Tara Palmer Tomkinson and her friends was spotted leaving Denpasar Airport of Bali and giving a kiss to the General Manager of the resort where she bought a villa. Tara is apparently having a 3 or 4 bedrooms freehold villa built on top of a cliff. The freehold villas are managed by "Karma Realty Development", which charges USD 5.000 per year for maintenance. The company gives the opportunity to their clients to spend 28 days a year in the villa or the choice to stay one week in every others locations around the world. The rest of the year the company will rent the villas out and will guarantee to the owner a 5% of the capital back for the first two years and then a 60-40%.

    Finally she got it right!

    Mischa Barton looked cute and sexy wearing a patterned mini dress in Paris earlier today.

    Crazy but happy

    A happy Britney Spears looked almost sexy as she paid a visit to her recording studios after her daily tanning session with cousin Allie before heading to the dance studio. Hmm, shouldn't it be a full time job recording her new album?


    Hugh Grant is under pressure and didn't look too happy when he was seen leaving his house on the day it emerged he has been arrested over an allegation he attacked a photographer in London. Nice.

    Gail and entourage

    Gail Porter spent the day with her funky friend at the Marine Connection Fundraiser held at London's exclusive Chinawhites club.
    Looking good!

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007


    Melanie C seems desperate these days to femme it up!
    We still love you even if you start to wear those butch things again you know.

    Smashing, radiant and extremely smart

    The stunning Kylie Minogue looked extremely smart as she left her home for a meeting and a spot of lunch at Claridge's earlier today. Work it!

    Sack the stylist!

    That is if she has one.
    Kirsten Dunst attended the photocall for Spiderman 3 at the Santo Mauro Hotel in Madrid today and looked terrible.
    Clearly the librarian meets granny look isn't working for Kirsten. Sack the stylist!

    Angelina looking thin

    Angelina Jolie on the set of her new movie "Wanted" stepped out of a people carrier looking pale and gaunt, with overly thin legs and knobbly knees. UK magazines are reporting this week that Angelina has taken her dieting too far.
    What do you think?

    Get it while it's hot!

    Godess in general, Björk, performed her new single 'Earth Intruders' live at Saturday Night Live this week. Watch before Warner Music deletes the post!

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Slim lady

    All of a sudden Britney is slim again. We love how she is on her way to becoming the next Michael Jackson!
    Looking good though! Now get rid of that disgusting wig.

    Pictures by our friends at Flynet Pictures.
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  • Happy in the sunshine

    Liam Gallagher was joking about with some mates and his brother Paul outside a pub in North London. He seemed pretty chilled out for once, listening to a radio player, and at one point sitting on his brother's lap!