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Friday, December 22, 2006


It's been a pleasure posting blogs for you this year. We hope that you have enjoyed reading all the celebrity news and gossip on BIG PICTURES very own blog site since it's launch in September this year.

We'll be back next year with more news and gossip, so dont forget to come see us in 2007!

With love from your bloggers,

Janine & Michael

I wonder if David will like my new hat..

Yuk what is this foreign substance!

Don't be scared Nic, best to get some practise in before Christmas festivities begin this weekend!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Paris Hilton's bash in Hollywood Last night

Let's hope she ate some mince pies!!

"The amount of times I stayed sober this year"

I'm toasty warm!

Little La Lohan La Roo, is the first Matschie's tree kangaroo born at the St. Louis Zoo, check out this cute pic of her peeking out of mum's pouch! It's so cold in London right now, we wish we had a pouch like that to stay toasty in!


Our fave BB star of 2006 was of course the lovely Aisleyne who has done this fab Christmas shoot with us. Merry xmas from Ais, and check out her new site by the way on the link below!
  • Officially Aisleyne!

  • jingle bells to all of you

    All I want for Christmas... a big yummy burger! To add to the zillion she has already eaten this year. With reports of an addiction to junk food, it can't be easy for our Brit. She was snapped looking half decen last month, a few pounds lighter and sporting this years fave hair cut - the pob.

    But this month, the cute haircut became ghastly extensions again, and the pounds swiftly came back - and some by the looks of it. Here's hoping 2007 is her year - the year for Britney Salads and treadmill action!

    Unfit and you know it

    Come Xmas it's time to reflect upon the year and contemplate your next move.
    Britney's 2006.

    1. Gave birth to her second son, Jayden James Federline.
    2. Filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Federline.
    3. Driving with her infant son unrestrained in her lap.
    "I did it with my dad. I'd sit on his lap and I drive. We're country."
    4. Posed nude for the August 2006 cover of Harper's Bazaar.
    5. Was photographed with no panties by several paparazzi

    Pictures by our wicked friends at
  • Celebrity Babylon

  • Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    Oops I'm poo again

    One word can only be used for this: EWWW!
    When our favourite redneck burst onto the scene with Baby One More Time she was a fresh faced teenager with somewhat bad skin and a beaming smile. Fast forward 7 years and the bad skin is still there but NOW she looks like a ******. We are so sorry to say this but the pictures speak for themselves. Why on earth would anyone with millions and millions in the bank and 2 lovely sons at home step out looking like this?
    And get rid og those extensions and WASH your hair with some nice shampoo and have a cup of tea.


    Pictures from our wicked friends at:

  • Britney out of tune below


    THE GOOD...

    THE BAD...


    Dream Girl

    Beyonce is on a high it seems after she recieved her Golden Globe nomination as best actress for her role as Diana Ross Deena Jones in Dreamgirls. She even took the time to buy a new wig! She then headed for Letterman to show it off and plug her new film. Rumours has it that Bey is actually 76 32. We are not suprised.
    Dreamgirls should be a box office hit over Xmas and we are looking forward to boxing day already.
    Watch the trailer below!

    So sorry for this posting...

    I know we are a celebrity blog so clearly BB Sam does not belong here.
    But our snapper caught her out last night at Funky Buddah and we just had to post it.
    WTF was she thinking??
    It's less than a week to go until XMAS and she decided to go to one of the trendiest clubs in Europe in hotpants covered in wee!
    Looking like a tramp dressed as a glamour girl! GO HOME and sort your life out and instead of dressing like a troll from hell we suggest you go back to school and get a degree.


    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    Paris 's Legs

    In the spirit of critisizing celeb limbs of late, I thought I'd add this pic of Ms Hilton leaving her home in Hollywood last night. Her legs look weird! About 10 sizes to big for her. Must be the camera angle and not the mince pies i'm guessing..!

    A quick word...

    From all of us at Big Pictures we wish you a happy and fun time with loads of friends and family!
    Just for you the Sugababes are singing 'White Xmas' below.
    Merry Christmas!

    No Sex Factor!

    After thinking it through we realised that Sharon is just plain weird all together.
    Look at that manky hand and that melting face worthy of a dog!

    Rocky has a moment

    Rocky looks far too be happy in this moment of passion. Bless him. Rocky 6 is out tomorrow in America and 16th Jan for us UK folk. We can't wait can we!

    Sharon Osbourne at X factor Wrap party

    X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne at the X Factor Wrap party held at Sound bar in Leicester Square. After spotting the foot the other day on dear old Charlotte Church, i thought i'd treat you to zooming in on Shazza's hand. Because frankly, its just plain odd!

    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Kate Mess

    Whilst Kate Mess was on holiday in Jamaica the British tabloids found a whole new angle to slate her and Pete.

    Pictures from our friends at
  • Flynet Pictures
  • Fangs for snapping me!

    I'll be back with more Scary pictures later. In the mean time i'll leave you with this snap of actress Kirsten Dunst who was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday. It's enough to give you nightmares! Although she does look pretty chuffed to be snapped here!

    what a difference a day makes?

    Usually this would apply to a rough looking celeb about to attend an event, but poor old Char's not really looking all that fab at the British Comedy awards, I'll let you decide if she scrubbed up okay last night...!

    British Comdey Awards

    SCARY THURSDAY continuous with this pic of Charlotte Church at the British Comedy Awards 2006 last night. Two questions for our angel voiced crisp muncher, 1) what is up with your feet 2) have you ever heard of nail varnish. Maybe Char ran out of time for toe-nail painting before the bash with all that lack of spare time she has!


    Grace with prom-queen face

    Ok after much consideration I am hereby pronouncing today Scary Thursday after a large amount of scary pictures came in from celeb land last night. Our eagle eyed snappers caught all kind of cardinal sins far outweighing images of well dressed, well behaved and good looking celebrities.

    Lets kick off ST with this picture of Big Brother 'star' Grace, who attended her engament party co BB contestant Mikey last night with a face and hair do like Prom-Queen Barbie and an outfit like Mrs Christmas. Be afraid people...!

    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    A sparkling Michelle!

    But we do have one celeb who actually deserves her place on the C list at last night bash that I talk about below. Michelle looks fab and has completed the sparkling smile with a sparkling clutch which looks like it might be the one from accessorize. Go get the look people! It's £45.00 from accessorize.

    A star studded party!

    Britain's Z list (damn our alphabet for having JUST 26 letters!) were out in FORCE last night at the Capital Rocks party. Check out our fave snaps from the event!






    Are these celebs Fur real?

    Just a day after my FOX fur blog yesterday about Tara Reid, our snappers saw these protesters shouting about the cause. This week there is a buzz about celebs in fur. Grazia reported yesterday that last week the British Fur Trade claimed sales have risen by 33% in two years. Not surprising when we look at the celebs who wear expensive furs time and again. Madonna, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley to name a few have all been snapped in furs that look very real. How can these stars underestimate the power of the way they dress? Are they stupid or maybe they just don't care? Grazia is anti fur, I'm anti fur, what do you think?

    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    ho ho ho

    Anyone see Lionel Richie on TV this weekend trying his hand at stand up comedy?
    LR to Audience: "I know what you are thinking: Hey, I didn't know Nicole Richie's Dad could sing!"
    Audience: "polite laugh"
    Groooan. Sing Lionel, SING yes. Comedy? No!